Free Shipping - How it works

Posted by Brian Nikravesh on

Free Shipping - Who has it?

          You might be wondering whether we offer Free Shipping to your area. Currently, we offer free shipping to EVERY STATE IN THE UNITED STATES (Wow!). If you live in the United States, a bar will be visible on the top of your page notifying you that you have free shipping. However, if you do not live in the U.S. , a small shipping fee will apply to your purchase.


How do you active Free Shipping?

          If you live in the United States, you automatically have access to free shipping. No coupons or codes are required! We track this by what address you input for the item(s) you purchased to be sent to.


Why do we offer Free Shipping?

          We offer free Shipping those who live in the United States to lower the cost of products for you, the customer! On top of already low prices, Woxpa has decided to allow free shipping for the satisfaction of every one of our loyal supporters!


Does Free Shipping affect how fast I receive my purchased item?

          Free Shipping does not affect how fast you receive your purchased item. Most items take anywhere from around  7 - 9 business days to be at your door step, which is relatively quick compared to other jewelry stores.  However, if the address you entered for your product to be shipped to is outside the United States, it will take longer.



If you have any tips, questions, or concerns, please send an email to We will answer as soon as possible.