Customized 14k Gold Overlay Removable Gold With 15cz Stone 6 Teeth /h19/

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Things to keep in mind when purchasing Removable Gold Teeth:

• Includes 15cz Stone

• CUSTOM MADE to Specifically Fit YOUR Teeth.

• We Custom Make Our Gold Teeth Because We Believe That ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

• Our Gold Teeth are Guaranteed to "Fit Like A Glove".

• Able To Be Removed And Placed Back Over Teeth When You Wish (Removable).

• Gives the Impression That You Have Permanent Gold Teeth Because Of The Perfect Fit!

• Mold Kit and Instructions Included In Order (We Send You Mold Kit and Instructions, You Send the Kit Back To Us And We Ship You Your Custom Made Gold Teeth).

• Delivery usually takes anywhere from 7 - 9 days after Mold Kit has been sent back to us.

• If You Have Missing Teeth or A Gap Between Your Teeth please email for a price adjustment.

• A FREE Beautiful Gift Box is Included With Every Order!


If you have any tips, questions, or concerns, please email We will answer as soon as possible!